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Massachusetts Tax and Driver's License Suspension Attorney

Failing to pay your Massachusetts state taxes has more consequences than you may think. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) now has the ability to suspend people's driver's licenses due to unpaid taxes. You may have already received a Notice of Intent to Suspend Driver's License. If you do not respond, your license is automatically suspended. Once the state suspends your driver's license, it goes into effect immediately.

DOR and Massachusetts Driver's License Suspension

At the law office of Laura Anastasia Brown, Attorney Brown is here to help keep you from getting your license suspended. She can contact the DOR on your behalf and work with the DOR on getting you back on track.

To start resolving your tax problems today, arrange a consultation with an experienced Massachusetts driver's license suspension attorney. Call (781) 871-3111 or contact the firm online. Laura Anastasia Brown offers both legal advice and tax assistance in one streamlined process.

Avoid Making the Problem Worse

A suspension of your driver's license for failing to pay taxes has the same consequences as any other reason for license suspension. Drunk driving, failure to pay child support, multiple speeding tickets or multiple moving violations can all lead to driver's license suspension. The consequences are the same, regardless of why a suspension was given. If your license is suspended and you get pulled over by the police, you will be charged with driving without a license. You will be arrested immediately and sent to jail. You will likely face fines and probation.

Instead of ignoring a notice by the DOR, choose a better outcome. If you obtain Attorney Brown, she can work with the DOR and set up a plan for filing tax returns or paying owed taxes. She can also file an offer and settlement to stop a suspension. Responding to the DOR will stop a suspension and allow you to get your life back on track.

Contact Our Massachusetts Lawyer - Unpaid Taxes

Life events happen and may have caused you to neglect your tax responsibilities. Attorney Brown is not here to judge you but is here to help you. There are many options and rights available to you. If you owe money to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but do not have the funds to pay, Attorney Brown can arrange payment plans. Contact the firm today to learn how she can help. Please call the firm at (781) 871-3111.

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