Nonprofit, tax exempt and 501(c)(3) Organizations

Do you need a nonprofit tax attorney to help form your organization? Did its nonprofit status get revoked?

Applying for and maintaining nonprofit tax exempt status can be complicated. Nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, such as a 501(c)(3), must comply with endless federal and state laws so they do not jeopardize their tax exempt status.

The Board of Directors/Trustees must follow certain fiduciary rules to avoid personal liability, even if they are volunteers. 

Finally, the nonprofit organization must comply with all corporate requirements of a traditional company, PLUS navigate the Internal Revenue Code requirements. Attorney Laura Anastasia Brown provides nonprofit legal services with decades of experience throughout the Boston area and Massachusetts.

Massachusetts nonprofit lawyer Laura Brown consults with a client on the go.

Why did the IRS revoke our tax-exempt status?

Can our organization still continue to fund raise? Will we have to pay taxes now?

Why does the Board of Directors/Trustees need insurance if we are just volunteering?

What happens if our 501(c)(3) organization makes a profit?

What federal and state documents do we have to file every year so we don’t lose our nonprofit tax exempt status?

Attorney Laura Brown counsels nonprofit organizations to achieve and maintain its tax-exempt status throughout the greater Boston area and Massachusetts.

Entity Formation

Nonprofit tax attorney Laura Brown provides legal services to nonprofit organizations including:

  1. Determining which nonprofit tax exempt status is appropriate, such a 501(c)(3).
  2. Forming a new nonprofit organization and applying for tax-exempt status with all government agencies – federal, state and local.
  3. Preparing and filing IRS Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Tax Exemption
  4. Drafting Articles of Organization, By Laws, contract, real estate property tax exemptions
  5. Reinstating Tax Exempt status after an IRS Revocation

Continuing Advice

Nonprofit lawyer Laura Brown is a tax attorney in the Boston area. Her continuing advice includes:

  1. Board of Directors/Trustees governance practices and procedures
  2. Board duties, liabilities and meetings
  3. Negotiation and drafting contracts
  4. Fundraising and spending
  5. Yearly returns for the state and federal agencies.

Don’t let the complex IRS requirements discourage your organization’s goals. Laura Anastasia Brown is a nonprofit tax attorney with decades of experience to help you.

Nonprofit attorney Laura Brown has helped many nonprofits in the Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts.

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Seeking professional help can save you time and money

Laura Brown is a successful business owner as well as a corporate and tax attorney.  She understands what is needed to help you, your family and your business.