Failure to File Tax Returns Failure to Pay Taxes

You have failed to file your tax returns or you owe money.

Laura Brown is a no judgment zone. In over 25 years of practice, she’s seen it all and fixed it all.

This type of tax problem doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it is the result of something else in your life: Business problems, the economy, the pandemic, medical issues, family problems, cash flow problems, an IRS or Mass Dept of Revenue audit, a divorce, bankruptcy, addiction, financial decisions, employee or partner embezzlement, marital problems, income stemming from criminal liability and jail.

The IRS and the Mass Department of Revenue are sending you notices or have started collection activity. An aggressive IRS Agent has come to your home or business.

What if I don’t have all my records? I can’t pay this.

There’s NO WAY I owe this much. I can’t sleep.

I’m scared to call the IRS.

Will they put a lien on my house or foreclose on it?

Will they suspend my license? Empty my bank accounts? Seize my business? Put me in jail?

It’s time to get front of this before it gets worse. Because it will. Fixing this problem yourself is overwhelming and time consuming. It becomes a second job.

The IRS and Massachusetts Department of Revenue have filled your mailbox with notices:

Some of these Notices give you right to appeal and with a short deadline. If you don’t file an appeal by the deadline, things WILL get worse, and you will lose your rights.
  • Notice of Deficiency
  • Notice of Amount Due
  • Notice of Intent to Levy
  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien (also filed at the public registry of deeds!)
  • IRS Summons
  • Please Call Us About Your Overdue Taxes or Tax Returns
  • Notice of Intent to Suspend Driver’s License
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Notice of Determination of Personal Liability and Assessment
  • Notice of Massachusetts Tax Lien (also filed at the public registry of deeds!)
  • Notice of Intent to Suspend Professional License
  • Notice of Account Receivable Levy (sent directly to your customers!)

These types of tax problems seriously impact your life. They can prevent you from obtaining:

  • A mortgage
  • A Line of Credit for your business
  • College Aid (FAFSA)
  • Credit cards
  • A car loan
  • Certain jobs
  • Government assistance – SBA Loan, PPP Loans

You simply cannot move on with your life.

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Seeking professional help can save you time and money

Laura Brown is a successful business owner as well as a corporate and tax attorney.  She understands what is needed to help you, your family and your business.