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Massachusetts Department of Revenue Tax Lawyer

Have you neglected your state tax responsibilities? Are you being audited by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue? If so, you may be facing bank levies, wage garnishments, tax liens, and various other consequences. The resolution in an IRS audit will most likely be shared with Massachusetts authorities, resulting in another audit or additional taxes due.

At the law office of Laura Anastasia Brown, Attorney Brown offers a full range of tax services designed to help you take control of your life.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with an experienced Massachusetts Department of Revenue tax lawyer, call (781) 871-3111 or contact the firm online. Laura Anastasia Brown offers both legal advice and tax assistance in one streamlined process.

State Tax Law Issues

There are many life events that lead to state tax problems, including divorce, illness, death, bankruptcy, early withdrawal of 401(k) funds, and other issues. People are often unaware of the complications that these events can cause as far as state taxes are concerned.

Attorney Brown offers state tax advice for those individuals who are concerned about the impact that these tax issues can have on their current and future financial well-being. She can answer client concerns regarding:

  • Massachusetts income tax
  • Massachusetts employment tax
  • Massachusetts payroll taxes
  • Massachusetts sales and meals taxes
  • Massachusetts withholding taxes
  • Massachusetts excise taxes
  • Massachusetts trust fund taxes
  • Offer in Settlement

Attorney Brown helps clients take control of their audit by filing an appeal with the Department of Revenue Office of Appeals, which in turn should help remove them from immediate collection. She appears on behalf of clients before state agencies and the Appellate Tax Board. Her education and extensive legal experience can help you during this otherwise difficult time.

Contact Our DOR Attorney

Tax problems do not accumulate overnight. As such, resolving tax issues with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue will also not happen overnight. It is crucial that you do not extend the process any longer. If you owe money to the DOR, but do not have the funds to pay, Attorney Brown can arrange a payment plan or Offer in Settlement. You can get the legal help and state tax advice you need. Contact Attorney Brown to arrange a consultation. Please call the firm at (781) 871-3111.

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