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IRS Tax Representation Lawyer

Have you neglected to file a tax return for the past several years? Have you neglected to pay federal taxes? Are you being audited?

If you owe taxes to the federal government, the law office of Laura Anastasia Brown can help. Attorney Brown offers aggressive and experienced representation to taxpayers who are undergoing an IRS tax audit or dealing with other tax-related issues. The firm strives for resolution with the IRS, while helping you reorganize your finances. The IRS and Massachusetts Department of Revenue refer cases to each other, and therefore, Attorney Brown analyzes the ramifications of state tax law when resolving disputes with the IRS.

If you are facing an IRS tax audit or have other pressing tax concerns, such as failing to file, contact the firm or call us at (781) 871-3111 for an experienced IRS tax audit representation lawyer. Laura Anastasia Brown offers clients both legal advice and tax assistance in one streamlined process. Her clients include individuals and business owners.

Federal Tax Law Issues

Attorney Brown analyzes the ramification of the state tax law when resolving disputes with IRS, and she can answer client questions regarding:

  • Federal income taxes
  • Federal employment taxes
  • Federal payroll taxes
  • Federal withholding taxes
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Trust fund taxes

In addition to feeling stressed about the audit or tax problem and dealing with the IRS or DOR, clients may also be embarrassed about their situation. Attorney Laura Anastasia Brown wishes to emphasize to potential clients that she is here to help you, not judge you.

If you are facing bank levies, seized accounts, wage garnishments, federal tax liens, and other problems that appear insurmountable, she can help. The firm has a wide variety of options at its disposal. Attorney Brown helps with negotiating payment arrangements, releasing levies, and helping to better organize your financial records.

If sickness, bankruptcy, divorce, or another life event has caused you to neglect your tax responsibilities, there are many options and rights available to you. If you owe money to the IRS, but do not have the funds to pay, Attorney Brown can arrange a payment plan or Offer in Compromise. Contact the firm today to learn how she can help. Please call the firm at (781) 871-3111.

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