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Federal and State Criminal Tax Investigations Lawyer

If you are under a criminal tax investigation or facing criminal tax charges by the IRS and Department of Justice, you need a highly-skilled team of attorneys to provide a successful tax crimes defense. The Department of Justice and IRS are both involved when it comes to criminal tax charges and are likely to have both a prosecutor and IRS expert working on your case. Why shouldn't you have both too?

Criminal Tax Investigations

At the law office of Laura Anastasia Brown, Attorney Brown works with an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend people facing criminal tax charges. Attorney Brown holds a Masters of Law Degree (LL.M.) in Taxation from Boston University School of Law, as well as a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. She not only provides clients with effective IRS tax representation but also consults with a criminal defense attorney on criminal tax issues.

This is not the time to obtain just any attorney. If you would like to arrange a consultation with an experienced tax lawyer, call (781) 871-3111 or contact the firm online.

Tax crimes include:

  • Tax fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to file a tax return
  • Failure to pay taxes
  • Filing a false tax return
  • Tax money laundering

Get the tax and criminal defense advice you need. If you are facing criminal tax charges such as tax evasion or tax fraud, Attorney Brown can work with a criminal defense attorney to help defend your case. Contact the firm today to learn how she can help. Please call the firm at (781) 871-3111.

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