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Have you received a Notice of Non-Renewal of Professional License?

Have you failed to pay state taxes? Have you failed to file state taxes?

Now - the Massachusetts Department of Revenue notifies the Board that issues your Professional License that the Board cannot renew your current license, issue you a new license, or tells them to suspend your current license.  WE CAN HELP!

These licenses include ALL Professional Licenses issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Examples include: Lawyers, Physicians, Chiropractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Gas Fitter, Surveyor, Veterinarian, Massage Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Registered Nurse, Psychologist, Aesthetician, Appraiser, Architect, Cosmetologist, Certified Public Accountant, Realtor, Builder, Funeral Director, Sheet Metal Worker and anyone else that is granted a license by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Contact me at or 781-871-3111.

Over 25 years of experience as tax attorney representing businesses and individuals before the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.

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