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A great deal of business planning is tax planning. When you are considering a small business start-up, one of your most important tasks is to create a short and long-term tax strategy to maximize resources and minimize cash outlay.

Tax treatment is central to choosing any business's legal structure. As a business grows, important matters need to be taken into account such as the tax ramifications of any current and/or potential transactions. Staffing, policies, decision making, contracts, finances, and other issues can affect its tax consideration.

Attorney Laura Anastasia Brown serves as business or corporate counsel to many companies across the South Shore. She can help you develop a tax strategy that supports your business success now and into the future.

To arrange a consultation about small business tax advice, call (781) 871-3111. Laura Anastasia Brown, Attorney at Law is conveniently located in Rockland, Massachusetts and offers both legal advice and tax assistance in one streamlined process.

Business and Tax Representation From a Lawyer With an LL.M. in Taxation

Attorney Laura Brown holds an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in Taxation from Boston University School of Law in addition to her law degree and a B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University's School of Business Management. She has operated her own small business since 1995.

Her background in both tax law and business management allows her to provide practical small business tax advice based on experience. She routinely advises businesses and corporations on the legal and tax consequences of business organization and commercial transactions, and can address any potential changes in the law applicable to your tax situation.

To discuss obtaining practical small business tax advice from Attorney Laura Brown, call (781) 871-3111 or contact the firm online.

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